Vince Young praying for no suspension

After an altercation in a strip club Vince Young might face suspension. Young is cited for class C assault, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum fine of $500. Young is now hoping that Roger Goodell will not come down hard on him. Goodell will suspend you for these kinds of incidents, although a similar incident that happened he didn’t. Back in 2008 Joey Porter got in a scuffle with Levi Jones in Las Vegas. Porter received no suspension but was fined . I guess you can say Young is hoping for the same treatment but it may not come. Goodell won’t be afraid slap Young with a 2 game suspension. Young apologized to the team and organization. Young was quoted saying “I just made a mistake. I made a mistake even being there, and I let that guy provoke me into doing what I did.” Goodell hasn’t done anything yet but soon will. I wonder if Young will try to meet Goodell and improve his chances of not getting suspended. We will see…..

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